Trial Status
Open for enrollment

What is the Purpose of this Study?
To test Hizentra to see if it changes the way the immune system operates to decrease the severity of the disease in the same way that IVIg does.

Who is Eligible to Participate?
Patients over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of MG. Patients will also have to meet all inclusion criteria, which will be explained in greater detail by the study coordinator.

What is involved in this Study?
Patients will be given IVIG treatment for 3 months and then switch to Sub-Q Hizentra for 3 months. Patients will complete 14 in-person follow up appointments, and 4 phone visits.

How long is the Study?
This study will be approximately 6 months long.

For more information contact:
Lynette McKinney, MSCS, CRC, Study Coordinator at 602-358-2271 or