travisDr. Travis is a board certified neurologist with a passion for providing individualized and compassionate patient care. She partners with her patients in decision-making, and helps them navigate the challenges inherent in living with MS (multiple sclerosis) and other neurological conditions.

She is increasingly active in clinical research as well, since she believes research, innovation, and clinical flexibility are important in advancing the knowledge and treatment of neurological conditions.

She was first author on a poster published at ECTRIMS international conference 2014: Examining the Effectiveness of Pregnancy Counseling in Women with MS of Childbearing Potential. She also plans to present a poster at the ECTRIMS 2015 conference on the subject of Hair Thinning with Aubagio (an oral MS medication).

She graduated from the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine in 1998, where she has served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology.

She received her neurology training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where she served as the Chair of the Neurology Women’s Advisory Panel.

Her other honors include graduating #1 in her high school class, graduating in the top 5% of her college class, receiving the Scott Prize for Excellence in Modern Languages in 1992, and receiving Special Commendation for Academic Achievement in her medical school class.

In 1992, she was an intern in the office Senator John McCain, where she had a special interest in helping the office staff navigate the intersection between medicine and Congress.

She was the guest speaker at the 2010 National MS Society (Arizona Chapter) Women Against MS luncheon, and is now a Board Member of the National MS Society (Arizona Chapter). One of her many passions are reaching out to the MS community to help share information and promote education.

Dr. Travis’ Biographical Information (75 kb PDF download)